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Six Pack Ab Routine

Target your abs directly and effectively, with this routine. You will need a mat or a soft surface to lay on

20 flutter kicks
30 ankle touches (15 per side)
20 flutter kicks
20 laying side crunches (10 per side)
20 cross knee crunches (10 per side)
20 crunches with knee raises

Feeling beastly……then you can repeat this routine one more time

Full Body Workout For Ladies

This routine works great for those that are low on time. Works the legs, butt, abs, triceps and chest. No Equipment needed

20 jumping squats
20 rotating planks
20 burpees
20 tricep push up planks
20 jumping jacks

Repeat 3 times

Isolated Butt Workout For the Ladies

For this exercise you will need ankle weights and a chair, if you don’t have ankle weights no problem. The exercises are still effective without using the weights.

15 kickbacks (per leg)
15 donkey kicks (per leg)
15 kickbacks (per leg) hands on the chair or something sturdy

Repeat 3 times

Squats For the Legs and Butt

AKT ladies, do this simple leg exercise to target your quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus and your back. If you don’t have a barbell or a weight bar you can simply use a broomstick for now, while you perfect your form. If you do have a barbell though you can start off using 20-30lbs. No equipment needed.

10 squats (wide stance, slow reps)
10 squats (feet hip width apart, slow reps)

Repeat 5 times