Real life sex dolls

For US$5499.00 you can purchase a life like sex doll. The dolls weigh 60 lbs and can be easily tucked away neatly in a closet. You can extensively customize your doll via the companies website, The dolls all have internal parts that can mimic their real life counterparts without missing a beat. Keep in mind though, that all of the dolls look very life like so don’t be surprised if you come home and get startled at first when you see it. Simply try not to forget that you made a real doll purchase.

You don’t have to engage in a sexual act with it, but you can if you so desire. You can have the doll fully clothed, simply lounging around your home on display. The dolls are actually very well made and can even be seen as art. Take a look at the inside of the Real Doll Factory located in San Marcos, California.



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